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   Vincent Glenn


As a seasoned creative designer (18-year veteran of the media business), I have a strong and thorough understanding of the current and relevant technologies today. The Studio Collective is a term that I prefer instead of "full-stack" which is usually referenced when talking about a widely skilled developer. In my case "collective" represents my expertise in all vacets of graphic design and multi-media production: It is the culmination of my creative skills, knowledge and experience with all media types – as well as my outreach in the technical, design and creative communities.


I began designing and developing for the web at the inception of the web itself. I lean on this wealth of experience day to day in the vast world of web technologies, UX specializations and multi-dimensional design.


Through working with great people and creative minds in the print industry, my knowledge and experience has evolved from working in film-houses, boutique marketing agencies and large advertising firms.


The technical aspects and complexities of combining audio, video and photography feed my artistic curiosities. The subtleties and nuances of every colour, every keyframe and every note gets my juices flowing. This fuels my passion for "all things creative".


I'm always up for a challenge, solving problems and finding creative solutions – it never gets dull. My artistic expression is found through a mouse and keyboard, manipulating ideas and executing design through intricate software technology.


In a time where "personal" is a sparse commodity, I believe that there's value in passion. I work hard to understand my clients’ business and provide them with the best products and service possible. No matter what their needs are, I listen and provide expert advice to help steer them in the right direction. I strive to provide unique marketing and design services that engage people.